16 Point Fireplace Inspection

We serve the Metro Quad Cities, Clinton Iowa, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at 563-359-8688 to schedule your appointment for just $124.95.

16-Point Inspection Includes:

  1. Clean glass
  2. Add embers as needed.
  3. Inspect gasket seal
  4. Inspect and clean logs
  5. Inspect burner
  6. Test gas pressure
  7. Test millivolt voltage
  8. Inspect combustion chamber
  9. Check blower and thermodisc
  10. Dust and clean heat chamber
  11. Check air shutter
  12. Check for gas leaks
  13. Check for carbon monoxide leaks
  14. Check vent
  15. Check unit switch
  16. Test fire

Call us today at 563-359-8688.


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