The New Mendota Full View 36

The Full View 36 is the latest addition to the FullView line from Mendota. The FV36 is a smaller version of the popular selling FV41, with all the great features and classic style. This fireplace won’t take up a lot of space, and has several framing options to suit any room. Plus, the FV36 unit includes Mendota’s two-stage burner which produces one of the most realistic flames on the market.

Every Mendota fire burns with the quiet confidence of a century-old tradition of craftsmanship and gas technology. Look closely, and you’ll find details such as true full-seam welding, heavy-gauge steel and careful hand assembly that deliver on the promise of a lifetime of comfort.

With an energy efficient Mendota gas fireplace, you can turn down the central heat and use the award-winning log fire to heat the room you use the most. Other features include:

  • FullView fire is placed on the hearth, with no telltale louvers or raised platform
  • FireLight accent lighting system adds extra drama and detail when the fire’s on, a gentle glow without heat when it’s off
  • Easily customized with a choice of fronts, doors, andirons and interior linings
  • Optional firescreen door kits and other stylish accessories.
  • Several Gas Log options including Birch, Norway Spruce and more.

FV36 Black Panoramic w_Norway Spruce
FV36 Slate Gray w_Birch
FV36 w_Magra Room Scene

What the heck is Multifuoco?

No, it’s not the super-food or the name of a Star Wars character.multifuoco2 Multifuoco is a new heat-distrubuting system created by Piazetta and featured on the Piazetta Mirage (available and on-sale NOW at Fireplaces Plus).

The Multifuoco system has the capacity to distribute heat evenly throughout a room maintaining an ideal temperature from the floor to the ceiling.

Here’s how it works, according to

Exclusive technology, evenly distributed heat.

Multifuoco System® is an exclusive technological application that offers comfort and constant warmth.It is an extraordinary system of forced ventilation conceived and patented by Piazzetta R&D engineers, which has been scientifically tested by researchers at the Institute of Technical Physics of the University of Padua. Multifuoco System® allows you to distribute heat evenly throughout one or more rooms, from the floor up to the ceiling.

Comfort and wellbeing with Multifuoco System®.

A truely innovative system compared to conventional heating systems. Thanks to Multifuoco System’s capacity to distribute heat evenly throughout the room maintaining an ideal temperature from the floor to the ceiling. While in conventional systems hot air tends naturally to rise thus creating a heat layer just below ceiling level and color air stays at floor level the Multifuoco System instead warm air to flow out from the bottom vent, thus preventing warm air to stratify close to the ceiling. The innovative system then allows the air to re-enter through the top grilles of the stove to be warmed again and to continue its cycle. This ensures that heat produced is evenly distributed throughout the enviroment.

Warm air ducting up to 16 mt.

Multifuoco System® can become a true heating system for your entire home through a simple ducting system. You can bring the warm air in rooms away from the product or to other floors in the certainty that the comfort level will always be the same as in the room where the product is installed. The ducting system allows you to convey warm air up to 16 metres with a pellet product and up to 10 metres with a wood-burning product. Suitably insulated small diameter flexible pipes (75mm) are used, which are easy to install. The warm air flows into the rooms at floor level through special vents fitted with flow control.

Innovative  electronic controlled version for wood-burning stoves.
Multifuoco System Plus has evolved from the extraordinary forced ventilation Multifuoco System and is designed specifically for wood-burning appliances.

Operation of the whole forced ventilation unit is constantly controlled by an electronic card, which interacts with an innovative LCD remote control.


Truly flexible control system

The electronic control unit offers a selection of three modes of operation:

AUTOMATIC CONTROL: the fan automatically starts and stops according to a precise appliance threshold temperature.

COMFORT CONTROL: the room temperature set on the remote control is reached, there is the option either for the fan to stop and then start again when the temperature drops or for the fan to automatically modulate the power (speed) level.

MANUAL CONTROL: the user switches the fan on. When a precise appliance threshold temperature is reached the fan independently passes to the automatic mode. If the conditions for passing to the automatic mode are not satisfied, the system stops to avoid cool air from being fanned into the room.

The remote control has a high-precision NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) sensor for constant and efficient monitoring of the room temperature.

Multifuoco System Plus is compatible with the Burn Control System and the two systems are controlled through a single remote control and a single electronic control unit.

Comfort and wellness for the entire home.

The ventilation system brings the warm air in rooms away from the product or to other floors in the certainty that the comfort level will always be the same as in the room where the product is installed.

Up to 10 metres of ducting. The ability to connect Multifuoco System Plus to a room thermostat makes it even more convenient and flexible to use.

Tent Sale: Floor Model Specials

Going on now!

We’re having a Floor Model sale. See grills and fireplaces in-action and heavily discounted.

Choose Wood, Gas or Pellet from top manufacturers like Napoleon, Travis, Empire, Regency, Piazzetta and more.

Fireplaces starting at $300

Buy now and install later. Deals too great to miss!

Visit our tent and showroom at 1745 State St, Bettendorf, IA.

We’re right off the I-74 Bridge on State Street, just past the Casino Entrance.

View on Map here.

IMG_2676 IMG_2677Floor Model 3



Floor Model 1

16 Point Fireplace Inspection

Winter is coming! Its time for a fireplace inspection. We serve the Metro Quad Cities, Clinton Iowa, and the surrounding areas.

Our 16-Point Inspection Includes:

  1. Clean glass
  2. Add embers as needed.
  3. Inspect gasket seal
  4. Inspect and clean logs
  5. Inspect burner
  6. Test gas pressure
  7. Test millivolt voltage
  8. Inspect combustion chamber
  9. Check blower and thermodisc
  10. Dust and clean heat chamber
  11. Check air shutter
  12. Check for gas leaks
  13. Check for carbon monoxide leaks
  14. Check vent
  15. Check unit switch
  16. Test fire

Call us today at 563-359-8688 to schedule your appointment for just $124.95.

repair 2


Natural Gas Grills: Mounted and Free-Standing

At Fireplaces Plus we have a wide variety of natural gas and propane grills in-stock and ready to view in our showroom. We also have a vast selection that we can order and install at your home, including: post mount grills, deck-mount grills, patio grills and deck grills.


Post Mount Grills:

Post-mount grills can be directly installed into the ground and tapped into underground gas line, or set on a deck or patio base and placed at your convenience.

Broilmaster p3x post mountBroilmaster H4x Grill

  • 473 Sq. In. of Total Cooking Area
  • Heavy-Duty Cast Aluminum Construction
  • 36,000 Btu Input
  • Stainless Steel H-Style Burner
  • 2-Piece Stainless Steel Rod Cooking Grids (Single-Level)
  • Stainless Steel Control Panel
  • Chrome Plated Steel Warming Rack
  • Charmaster Briquets
  • Fits most Mountings


Free-Standing Grills:

Perfect to the deck, patio, or backyard barbeques, free-standing grills are versatile and provide a variety of features.

 Broilmaster p3xBroilmaster P3-SX
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum construction to last a lifetime
  • Dual stainless steel bowtie burner disperse flames evenly
  • Adjustable multi-level cooking grid to allow for grilling, baking and warming
  • Exclusive Smoker Shutter system allows for varied cooking styles
  • Includes massive 1/4 inch stainless steel griddle for cooking bacon, pancakes and even cookies


Built-In and Island Grills:

Transform your backyard into a beautiful getaway experience with high performance grilling and cooking area, and gorgeous design and finish.


Oahu Island Grill by SummerSet

  •  Offering four different models to choose from, standard finish options of porcelain and stucco, upgrade finish options of granite.
  • Built to last with rust resistant 1”x1” .60 gauge mig-welded steel construction frames and trex railing system.
  • Summerset Islands include complete electrical system.


Contact us today for more information or to view our large selection of grills.

Piazzetta Mirage Freestanding Gas Stove IN STOCK and ON SALE!

Piazetta Mirage 2Piazzetta Mirage Freestanding Gas Stove

Inside and out, the Piazzetta Mirage is engineered to provide powerful efficient heat for your home. Each firebox is lined with Aluker® interior panels, the exclusive refractory ceramic material patented by Piazzetta, to maximize heat dispersion.

Large aluminum-finned heat exchangers boost convective heat energy and highly reflective baffles are a key component for radiant heat performance.

On the outside, Italian handcrafted Majolica ceramic cladding not only enhances the stylishness of the product, but also ensures great heat storage followed by a prolonged distribution of warmth.

We all know hot air rises; so it makes sense to force hot air from the bottom rather than the top like conventional systems do. Thanks to Piazzetta’s unique floor-level heat output system, you can maintain an ideal temperature from floor to ceiling.