Top 7 Advantages of a Natural Gas Fireplace: There’s nothing like curling up in front of a roaring fire. And with NG fireplaces, you can have all the advantages of a wood-burning fireplace, and they are easier to use, less costly to run, and save energy. Here are the top reasons to choose a NG fireplace:
1) Constant Heat: Unlike a log fireplace, a NG fireplace has a constant heat supply.
2) No Hauling: You’ll never have to buy or chop firewood again!
3) Energy Savings: A NG Fireplace can save 25% on your energy bill.
4) Easy to Use: Turn on/off your fireplace with the flip of a switch!
5) Stylish: There are a variety of natural looking logs, beautiful grates and metal surrounds.
6) Warmer: NG fireplaces typically have built-in blowers so you can circulate warm air through the room.
7) No Creosote: Avoid the build-up of dangerous creosote in your chimney.

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